Thursday's PM Hot Clicks: Eva Longoria; State of Wrestling

Thursday’s PM Hot Clicks feature Extra Mustard’s State of Wrestling video and Eva Longoria as the Throwback Thursday Lovely Lady of the Day. 
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State of Wrestling

After last weekend’s TLC event, there’s plenty to talk about in this week’s edition of Extra Mustard’s State of Wrestling.

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Iman Shumpert Became a Father in the Most Incredible Way

Iman Shumpert’s fiancée gave birth to their daughter early Wednesday morning, and Shump himself performed the delivery. His fiancée, Teyana Taylor, posted the whole story on Instagram. 

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The National Donald League

Uproxx has imagined what will happen once Donald Trump is elected president and seizes governmental control of every NFL franchise

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The Best Year-End List You'll Read This Week’s Top 115 Sports Moments of 2015 list came out today. How did the emergence of Kristaps Porzingis not crack the top 100?

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Throwback Lovely Lady of the Day

Rays third baseman Evan Longoria Eva Longoria, who has a new TV show coming out soon and who celebrated her engagement on Monday, is your Throwback Lovely Lady of the Week. (Click here for the full-size gallery.)

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The Future of Hockey Coaching

CBS New York’s Sean Hartnett has a cool story about how the Rangers are using iPad software to study tape on their own

“Being able to get away from the rink and watch yourself at home, you pick up things that you normally don’t see during the game,” Kevin Hayes said. “You can’t hide on film. You realize what you do bad and what you do well. If you do something bad and you don’t see it during the game, the coaches see it. You can go home, watch the film and kind of agree with what the coaches were talking about.” The film is sorted so every player can watch each of his shifts, and it’s ready right after each game.

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Joe Haden Talks About His Season-Ending Concussion

Star Browns cornerback Joe Haden landed on injured reserve earlier this week as the result of two concussions suffered earlier this season. The only good thing the Browns have done this season is launch an official team podcast with Max Linsky (host of the Longform podcast), which is why we get to hear Haden speak candidly about his brain injury. Skip to the 27-minute mark to hear Haden talk about the concussions. 

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Odds & Ends

Aaron Rodgers needs to go Christmas shopping but he can’t go to the mall. ... A basketball player for UMass credits his 40-point outburst Wednesday night to his mom turning off his mobile data. ... You can get a sneak preview of the new Pusha T album. ... The Atlanticasked legal experts whether the government can seize the one-of-a-kind Wu Tang album from reviled pharmaceutical executive and alleged fraudster Martin Shkreli. ... Slate has a history of 90s T-shirts. ... Will Smith is making the talk-show rounds to promote Concussion. ... Noah Syndergaard is sorry about throwing so hard. ... New York’s “Following” blog has the definitive guide to being mad online. ... The new head coach of New York City’s best college football team is only 31. 

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A Fond Farewell to Jose Mourinho

After Chelsea’s dismissal of legendary manager Jose Mourinho, we put together a list of the eccentric coach’s most memorable moments. Come for the classic quotes, stay for the sideline shoving match.

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Unsolicited Beer Review

This is a good beer. 

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Star Wars Fever, Weather Report Style

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