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Happy 31st birthday, Cristiano Ronaldo!

By Xandria James
January 27, 2016

Happy Birthday, Cristiano Ronaldo! The Real Madrid forward turns 31 on Friday, and naturally we decided to celebrate with 31 Ronaldos in GIF form. 

When you wake up and it's finally your birthday
And you can’t contain your excitement
When you see how good you look in your birthday outfit

When your friends throw you a surprise party

And you realize they're the best people ever

And you get a little emotional about it
When your pal Lil Wayne shows up for your big day
When you have to pretend to like one of your gifts

When you've had too many birthday shots
What the hangover will feel like tomorrow
When someone says you can't celebrate all week
When you get to eat all the junk food you want
Because calories don't count on your birthday
When waiters start singing happy birthday

When you remember that you're another year older


And you start to panic

But then you remember you're Cristiano Ronaldo

And you can do this

And this


And a little bit of this

And even whatever's going on here

Oh yeah, and you also happen to look like this

So do soccer drills in your underwear if you want to


Go ahead and look super cool just sitting in a chair

It's your day

You're a star

Own it

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