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Thursday's PM Hot Clicks: Kenda Perez; Tee-ball swagger

Thursday’s PM Hot Click: feature a cocky T-ball player and Kenda Perez as the Lovely Lady of the Day.

Tee-Ball Swagger

 newly unearthed footage of Jose Bautista.

Revenge of the Video Store

A guy in North Carolina was arrested after cops found he had a warrant for failing to return a movie he rented in 2002. The movie was Freddy Got Fingered, which one critic called “a crime against humanity.”

This Was Inevitable

Remember the story about the AI program that chats like a teen, which Rohan linked to in Wednesday’s PM Clicks? Microsoft had to take it down for “upgrades” after trolls got it to say a whole bunch of racist stuff

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

, but came up with nothing. 

RG Second Chance

The Browns officially signed Robert Griffin III to be the latest name added to the Browns QB jersey of sadness. Congratulations to him for managing to find a franchise even worse than his previous one. In other words: 

The Fresh Prince of Madison

This Fresh Prince parody by Wisconsin walk-ons Matt Ferris and Aaron Moesch will probably make you cringe, but you should really watch it.

Odds & Ends

Yoenis Cespedes, who famously had a pig slaughtered last month, brought everybody meatballs for lunch on Thursday. Hmmmm. ... Some Iranian hackers could have flooded a town in suburban New York but the dam they hacked into was broken. ... How much do you know about March Madness? Test yourself with this quiz. ... Today is the 15th anniversary of Randy Johnson killing a bird. ... GQ’s list of Twitter’s 100 funniest jokes will take up the rest of your day. ... The New York Times and the NFL are going back and forth about the Times’ report outlining the problems with the league’s concussion research. ... Ilya Kovalchuk, who apparently flirted with going back to the NHL, is joining the KHL’s expansion team in Beijing instead

This is Amazing


Eh, Maybe

This is a Cool Tribute

A Modern Caveman

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