Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Steph Currie and Harry the Hawk's bad fall

By Andy Gray
April 19, 2016

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Hawks Win. Harry Loses.

The Hawks sprinted to a 24-3 lead and never looked back as they decimated the Celtics to take a 2-0 series lead. In fact, the only thing that went wrong for Atlanta was this painful fall by mascot Harry the Hawk.

One Way to Spend $4,033 Per Minute

The University of Georgia paid Ludacris $65,000 to put on a 15-minute concert at the school's annual spring football game. Luda must've been thirsty. His rider also demandedbox of green tea, a gallon of cranberry juice, a gallon of orange juice, a case of coconut water, two cases of Snapple, low sodium V8 juices, two cases of Gatorade, two cases of water and 12 juice boxes.

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Lovely Lady of the Day


Super Mario Huddle

Just about every gamer has daydreamed about a Super Mario Football game and while it may never happen, a Reddit user created some screen shots of what the game might look like and now I want it more than ever.

When Pizza is Sexy

This does not look like the guy at Dominos who usually makes my pizza.

When Pizza Isn't Sexy

Besides Hank's fall, this was the best part of the Hawks-Celtics game.

Jordan Scores 63

Express Yourself

Barry Bonds Coaches His Players

By Jim Thompson

Odds & Ends

Breanna Stewart's grandma is kind of awesome ... If I lived in Minnesota, I'd definitely attend Wrestling Night on April 29 ... Speaking of wrestling, here are 10 things we need to see this summer (Samoa Joe to main roster would be my No. 1) ... Conor McGregor wanted a $10 million UFC payday. They said no and he retired (who knows for how long) ... Love these illustrations for each NBA first-round playoff series ... The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders had a swimsuit shoot ... MSG security told Nick Mangold to chill out during Tuesday night's Rangers-Caps game ... America's best dive bars ... If female celebs were bald ... Disney stars, then and now.

Dee Gordon Gets Gift

Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola Have Too Much Time on Their Hands

Adrian Beltre is Terrifying

Tuesday's MLB Highlights


L.A. Woman

Here are 10 things you didn't know about The Doors hit song.

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