Gabriel Rossi/LatinContent/Getty Images

A rugby player in Argentina had the tip of his finger bitten off during a game.

By Dan Gartland
July 14, 2016

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We’ve told you before about some dirty plays and gruesome injuries in rugby, but this one has to be the worst. 

During a game in Argentina last weekend, a player had a pretty sizable chunk of his finger bitten off by an opponent.

During a ruck—the battle for possession after a player is tackled—Daniel Contreras felt an opposing player chomp down on his left index finger, severing most of the digit above the first knuckle. 

If you want to see the damage, you can see a photo of the bloody finger here (with the disembodied tip in a plastic cup). 

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Even though the missing piece was recovered, doctors couldn’t reattach it because it may have been contaminated with bacteria from the field. Contreras said it’ll take about three months to heal. 

The league issued a statement condemning the pseudo-cannibalism, but Contreras says he won’t pursue legal action against the guy who did it. He won’t even name the offender. 


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