Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Prince Fielder got in one last run of Adrian Beltre’s head before ending his baseball career.

By Brendan Maloy
August 11, 2016

Prince Fielder will no longer be playing baseball after having a second neck surgery, and the veteran slugger held a tear-filled press conference on Wednesday to say goodbye to his fans, teammates and coaches.

On his way to the microphone, Fielder got one last taste of the clubhouse camaraderie and high jinks that he will miss by taking one last swipe at Adrian Beltre, whose dislike for being touched on his head has been exploited for many years.

Earlier this season Robinson Chirinos caught Beltre’s ire for rubbing his head as part of a home run celebration, with Beltre staring his teammate down before quickly returning to the fun.

It looks like the third baseman recognized the gravity of the situation and did not react to Fielder getting one last rub in, which is a pretty great tribute to his injured teammate. It may have been good luck too, as Beltre went on to hit a two-run single in the eighth inning to lift Texas over the Rockies that night.


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