Watch: English soccer manager gets choked up after fans chip in to pay his fine

These fans really love their manager. 
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Jim Bentley has been with tiny English soccer club Morecambe FC since 2002, first as a player and as the team’s manager since 2011. The team isn’t very good, but the fans are clearly still quite fond of Bentley. 

Bentley was ejected from a recent game for objecting to a red card on one of his players. His protest earned him a two-game suspension and a £1,000 ($1,200) fine. That’s a pretty solid chunk of change, especially for a guy working in the fourth tier of English football, so the fans got together and pitched in to give Bentley a big stack of cash. 

They handed Bentley the dough after Saturday’s 4–1 win over Notts County, and his reaction was absolutely priceless. 

Between this and Sutton United’s vaping coach, it’s been a great weekend for managers in England’s lower leagues.