Legally blind Flames fan uses awesome new technology to watch first NHL game

11-year-old Olivia Lettich has been legally blind since she was two. 
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11-year-old Olivia Lettich has been to a Calgary Flames game before but she hadn’t actually seen the game until Sunday. 

Olivia developed eye cancer at age two and the treatment left her legally blind. Thanks to the Flames—and some incredible new technology—Olivia was actually able to see the Flames beat the Islanders on Sunday. 

Olivia has a device that streams high-definition video of her surroundings to a screen directly in front of her eyes, allowing her to see the sort of details she could only dream of before. For Sunday’s game, she got to see all the action up close, sitting on the bench for warmups before watching the game with her family from seats in the lower bowl.

She also got to go out on the ice for the singing of the national anthems. 

“I was able to see the shots and the players’ numbers and it was fast,” Olivia told the Calgary Herald. “It’s super important because everyone else tells me what they see and sometimes I wish I could see it. These help a lot.”