• PetHero, Time Inc.'s new membership club, can save pet owners money on their vet bills, and offers customized boxes of treats for cats and dogs.
September 13, 2017

More than 100 million Time Inc readers have a pet in their lives. We talk to you about pets all the time, and you talk back. So we know that your pets are your family members. We know you love to spoil them.  And we know that keeping them healthy is vitally important to you—but it’s getting expensive.

Today Time Inc, the parent company of Sports Illustrated, is proud to introduce PetHero, a membership club that can save you hundreds on your vet medical bills. With PetHero, you receive:

• A 25% discount on all in-house medical services and procedures at over 5,000 participating vets nationwide.
• A quarterly/seasonal toys and treats box, customized for both dogs and cats. Access to the
• PetHero community with benefits such as a 24/7 lost pet recovery concierge service, prescription discounts at PetCareRx.com, and great advice/recommendations/news on all things pets, and more.

Extra Mustard
Celebrate National Puppy Day with photos of athletes and their dogs

PetHero is not pet insurance; it’s an alternative to insurance.  Unlike with pet insurance, with PetHero you'll see:

• No exclusions, meaning that very pet is eligible regardless of age, pre-existing conditions, or species.
• Coverage of all medical services and every medical condition. No deductibles or maximums. ​
• ​No waiting period—you can sign up and start using your benefits right away.
• ​An immediate discount at the vet’s office during your visit, and you can use it as many times as you like without a penalty.

On top of that, PetHero members will receive a quarterly box filled with curated toys, treats, and accessories.

It’s the cure for costly vet bills—good for your wallet, great for your pet. To find out more or to sign up, head to PetHero.com.

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