In Thursday's Hot Clicks, we celebrate a new Plinko record on Price is Right.

By Andy Gray
January 04, 2018

History made at Price is Right!

I really should lead Hot Clicks with NBA news. There were two game winners, one by Steph Curry and the other by Spencer Dinwiddie. Isaiah Thomas returned to Boston (but didn't play) as the Celtics beat up the Cavs. But all of that will have to wait because on Wednesday's Price is Right, Plinko history was made. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the game, the show increased the total amount of winnings on the board, and Ryan Glass of Century City, Calif. took full advantage.

Karl Malone really loves wrestling

Imagine Draymond Green and Joel Embiid facing off at WrestleMania? That's essentially what happened back in 1997, when Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman squared off at WCW's 1998 Bash at the Beach. So what does this have to do with anything? Karl Malone was ringside at WWE SmackDown on Tuesday and had more fun than anyone in the arena.

One way to get over a crushing Rose Bowl defeat

Baker Mayfield went to a Clippers game and drank beers with his girlfriend. 

Connecticut native Emma Ostilly came by the office for a SI Swimsuit casting and I've never been so proud to be from New England. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Rich Rodriguez is brave, bold and possibly crazy

Imagine being a football coach and having your wife and mistress on the sideline with you ... at the same game!

Seven really terrible soccer statues

Welcome to the club, Michael Essien.

What each state loves to Google

Illinois is unusually interested in the calorie count of a Unicorn Frappuccino.

Not a terrible game

Happiest Target customer, ever

Good news, bra fans

Odds & Ends

The Browns' "perfect season" parade is scheduled for Saturday ... Ranking the best college football teams to never win a national championship ... A college basketball player scoring 42 points in a half is pretty insane ... R.I.P. Mt. Fiji ... Jay-Z signed another top college player to Roc Nation Sports ... Alabama and Georgia faced off in 1895. Read about that game ... The Jaguars will be serving teal beer at Sunday's game ... If you're going to throw food at an athlete, make it something less delicious than chocolate ... This Alabama fan is very dedicated to her Crimson Tide ... People in Oregon are freaking out over having to pump their own gas ... I want to eat at the secret restaurant in Newark Airport ... The best bacon in America.

Isaiah Thomas returns to Boston

There goes the rim

Karl Malone wrestles Dennis Rodman

Now this is balance

Lilly is my new hero

Little Lilly

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