Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: A Tale of Two Beers

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The do’s and don’t’s of having a beer at the game

At 10 or 12 or 14 bucks a cup, beer at the ballpark isn’t a beverage—it’s an investment. And like all investments it comes with risks. Since you’re consuming your beer in the vicinity of a baseball game, there’s always a chance your beer becomes part of the game. Two fans last night learned that lesson in very different ways. 

In Chicago, Javier Baez made the Derek Jeter Play and soaked a fan’s hoodie in beer in the process. 

Meanwhile, in San Diego, another fan caught a foul ball in her beer and did the only sensible thing—she chugged it. 

Having to chug your beer after a ball lands in it is baseball’s only good unwritten rule. 

How could you even live here?

The midges, the not-so-tiny bugs that occasionally swarm the entire city of Cleveland and once helped the Yankees blow a playoff game, are back. There are so many of them they’re showing up on the weather radar.

The pests descended upon the city again on Monday and are still sticking around, perhaps because they wanted to catch the Indians game last night.

Just the thought of being around that many bugs makes my skin crawl. Good thing Game 3 of the NBA Finals is indoors. 

More rare than a perfect game

Max Scherzer threw an “immaculate inning” against the Rays last night, striking out the side on nine pitches. It might not be as impressive as the nine-inning dominance of throwing a perfect game but it is more rare. 

Scherzer is believed to be only the fifth pitcher in history to throw two immaculate innings, according to ESPN. Lefty Grove, Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson are the other four. 

Bits & Pieces

Angels shortstop Andrelton Simmons hurt himself slipping on the dugout steps. ... The winner of last weekend’s oyster eating contest in New Orleans ate a whopping 480. ... This article about how teens are using the internet made me realize that I’m probably not going to make it in this digital media thing for much longer. ... A French man is hoping to be the first to swim across the Pacific Ocean, from the U.S. to Japan. ... A doctor watching TV suspected a woman on HGTV had cancer. He contacted her, she went to the doctor and it turned out she did. ... The first legal sports bet in Delaware was placed by the governor. He wagered on the Phillies and won. ... Donald Glover could be playing Willy Wonka in a new reboot.

When you see how many zeroes are on your signing bonus

God is a Jets fan

Video games do rot your brain, I guess

Uhhhh, Pedro?

Gourmet Skittles

Ping pong wizard

Pretty clever

Ice Cube’s new Friday-themed promo for the Big3 is good enough to make you forget about all the wild stuff going on with lawsuits involving the league

Nobody likes going to the gym


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I think I had an irregular heartbeat after watching this

A good song

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