Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: Philly Fans Taunt Boston Over Super Bowl With Eagles Chant at Fenway

Two fans even wore jerseys corresponding to the final score of the Super Bowl. 
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Six months later and the Super Bowl win feels as fresh as ever

Last night’s Phillies-Red Sox game featured a sizeable contingent of fans who made the trip up I-95 from Philadelphia—sizeable enough that they started an E-A-G-L-E-S chant strong enough to be picked up by the game broadcast. 

Starting a chant is easy, though. It’s a spur of the moment decision that only requires a few other rowdy Philadelphians. I was more impressed by the fans who thought ahead of time to wear their Carlos Santana and Cliff Lee jerseys so they could sit in the good seats at Fenway and remind everyone of the final score of the Super Bowl. 

Boston fans absolutely deserve this after all the 28–3 mocking they gave Atlanta fans. I hope it never stops, it’s amazing to see Boston get a taste of its own medicine. 

That’s a hell of a typo

There were two games in baseball last night delayed by power outages—first in Los Angeles, where the lights were out for 23 minutes in the second inning, and later in Phoenix, where the story behind the power failure appeared to be more interesting than the game. 

Man, this new King Kong sequel is pretty lame. 

But actually, Gomez was forced to fess up to making the best typo of the season.

(A haboob is just another word for a dust storm.)

The outage occurred at a key point in the game, with the Rangers in the midst of a game-winning rally. Arizona manager Torey Lovullo was none too pleased with the timing of the delay. He probably would have been more understanding if it actually was due to a rampaging primate. 

Would you smell Gregg Popovich?

Thunder big man Steven Adams has a new autobiography out this week, which sounds way better than any other athlete autobiography. Erik Horne of The Oklahoman recapped the seven best anecdotes from the book, including this classic bit about Adams hugging (and sniffing) Gregg Popovich. 

Bits & Pieces

A fisherman off Rhode Island was shocked to discover he landed a six-foot great white shark. ... In other shark news, three people stole a shark from the San Antonio aquarium. ... Alex Trebek is retiring and the L.A. Kings’ announcer might be his replacement. ... You really should read this story about the man who rigged the McDonald’s Monopoly game

The wild thing is this isn’t even an illusion

This is going to take some getting used to

Could be me

Don’t show this to Gabe Kapler

Justice for Harold

Thunder & Lightning

That’s 5-2-6-5 if you’re scoring at home

Wait for Lindor’s reaction

I love the ump telling him to get on his way

Quite the way to celebrate your 102nd birthday

Who wants to buy a castle?

Gosford Castle, the set of Riverrun in Game of Thrones, is for sale. (Well, part of it, the castle has been divided into apartments.) You can buy one for as low as $650,000

A good song

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