So that’s what it looks like when a baseball game is interrupted by the apocalypse.

By Dan Gartland
August 02, 2018

Rain delays are lame. I’m all about haboob delays now. 

If anyone saw that Pedro Gomez tweet about a baboon haboob knocking out power in downtown Phoenix and wondered how a dust storm could do that, well, here you go. 

The Reds and Padres rookie-level affiliates were playing outdoors when the storm struck and the players had to go run for cover as they saw the cloud approaching

Though they ran off the field in a panic, some players were brave enough to go back out into the storm. 

It has to be terrifying for those players, many of whom are new to America, to have their game interrupted by the end of the world. But hey, you have to deal with some stuff on your way to the major leagues. 

How do you do this twice?

Remember this disaster of a pitch Fernando Rodney threw on Monday night?

Would you believe he did the very same thing again yesterday afternoon?

Probably not a good thing for your closer to keep doing. 

Man faces felony identity theft charges for changing bar’s cable package

Getty Images

An Illinois car dealer faces up to 12 years in prison because he really, really wanted to watch the Arizona-Arizona State basketball game in December. 

Authorities in Wisconsin have charged Kevin Cayton with felony identity theft for financial gain and unauthorized use of an entity’s identifying information after he allegedly posed as the manager of a sports bar to upgrade the bar’s cable package.

The bar’s package didn’t include Pac-12 Networks, which was showing the game on Dec. 30, so Cayton allegedly made 11 phone calls to get the channel included in its plan. 

Though persistent, Cayton wasn’t all that good at covering his tracks. Cops obtained recordings of those phone calls in which he can be heard in the background (presumably while on hold) using his real name and conducting car dealership business. That allowed detectives to track him down and arrest him. 

That’s the bad news. The good news is Cayton got to see Deandre Ayton dominate the Sun Devils with 23 points and 19 rebounds in an 84–78 Wildcats win.

Bits and Pieces

TMZ is reporting that Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson made peace with each other not long after their confrontation in L.A. ... Get a load of these giant oysters. ... A Wisconsin man had to have both his legs amputated after he was licked by a dog. ... A woman fell down a mountain while on a first date and her date left her there so he wouldn’t be late for work. ... Dave Grohl composed a 23-minute piece of music where he plays seven different instruments. ... Papa John is at the “take me back” stage of his breakup with the company named after him.

Nobody talks smack like cornerbacks

Uhhhh, congrats?

The problem here is the first six words and not the last six

This isn’t good news for the rest of us

Well this is terrifying

LeBron started a movement

This is a real thing Sonny Gray tweeted in 2009

This is a real thing Sonny Gray did yesterday after another awful start

(Gray ended up deleting his entire Twitter account after people started digging up old offensive tweets.)

Speed kills

Cool bridge

A good song

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