It's time to bring Usain Bolt out of retirement if he's still able to run that fast.

By Kaelen Jones
February 05, 2019

O.K., so while Usain Bolt says he's retired—both from his ventures on the track and on the pitch—it may be time that he reconsiders saying he's done for good. Especially considering what he's shown us he's still capable of doing at 32 years old.

Before Super Bowl LIII, the Bolt showed his speed off his legendary speed by tying John Ross's record mark in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. Except Bolt did it in sweats and sneakers. Casual.

It's no secret that Bolt also likes to party and he's probably done quite a bit of that since stepping off the track permanently.

So, the question becomes: after recently giving up on pursuing his pro soccer career, should Bolt give it one more go on the track? On Tuesday, he teased those who have been considering such a thing, posting a video of him jogging out on a blue track.

No caption. Just a short video of him doing some strides. Maybe he just loves strides? Maybe he wants to add another record to his resume? Bolt is still the world-record holder in the 100- and 200-meter dashes, as well as the 4x100-meter relay but maybe he wants an outright 40-yard dash record. 

In 2018 he even posed the question himself:

There's always the chance that he accidentally posted his Throwback Thursday early.

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