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James Van Der Beek had the best tweet about Operation Varsity Blues

By Jimmy Traina
March 13, 2019

1. So, has everyone recovered from yesterday? Aunt Becky might go to jail, Odell Beckham is on the Browns, Le'Veon Bell is a JetCharles Barkley took direct aim at Kevin Durant, the guy on The Bachelor supposedly had sex and Donald Trump thinks airplanes are too complicated.

When you have a crazy day like that, it's easy to miss something that you absolutely must see.

This brings us back to Aunt Becky possibly going to jail. SI's Michael Rosenberg and Jack Dickey each weighed in on the college recruiting scandal that broke Tuesday. Roseneberg detailed the ugliness of competitive parenting while Dickey explains just how deep this scandal goes

While my colleagues did excellent work as always, there was really only one take that mattered Tuesday. There was one person who rose above all the jokes and opinions and made the only point that mattered. His name is James Van Der Beek.

Yes, the man who played Mox referenced one of the great lines in movie history.

We don't know if Van Der Beek was inspired by the fact that the FBI called their investigation "Operation Varsity Blues," but the movie's director, Brian Robbins also weighed in on the scandal.

Sometimes Twitter isn't so bad.

2. No, this is not a repeat: Stephen A. Smith has embarrassed himself yet again. The man who now makes significant blunders on a regular basis was at it again on Tuesday when he claimed that Redskins PUNTER Tress Way started a game for Washington this past season.

3. With the Browns landing Odell Beckham last night, many people were expressing their desire to see Cleveland on Hard Knocks again this season? Could a team be on the show two years in a row? I reached out to VP of NFL Films' Ken Rodgers to ask about the Browns possibly getting the nod again. Here's his response:

"We haven’t begun discussions with teams regarding Hard Knocks. As yesterday proves, there’s a lot of movement in March and April that we like to take into account.  As of right now, all 32 teams are still on our board for the show."

Sadly, Bob Wylie isn't with Cleveland anymore, but I think everyone would agree a second season with the Browns on Hard Knocks would be outstanding.

4. It's not news that James Dolan is a horrible owner and not a great person. The Knicks have been a complete embarrassment for about 20 years on and off the court. Just look at the record.

Yet, Dolan thinks reporters should be positive about the team.

On top of that, Dolan has accused Bill Simmons of trying to help "destablize" the Knicks. THE KNICKS HAVE BEEN DESTABILIZED FOR 20 FREAKIN YEARS.

5. I bet he didn't feel like the "Great One" in this moment.

6. Here's some great news for a change.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Howard Stern announced yesterday that he has a new book, Howard Stern Comes Again, coming out May 14. I may need all of you to help me get Howard on the SI Media Podcast when he does the media tour to promote the book, so be prepared.

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IN CLOSING: It's now a toss up between the Browns and Chiefs for which team will be the most fun to watch in 2019. 

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