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KBO Game Delayed by Massive Fire, Because Baseball in 2020 Can’t Catch a Break

In Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: Korean baseball’s opening day hits an unfortunate snag, what Michael Jordan is sipping on during 'The Last Dance' and more.

Play ball! (Eventually.)

Can you smell that, drifting across the Pacific Ocean? It’s the smell of fresh baseball in the air—and some smoke. 

Today is Opening Day for the Korea Baseball Organization, which means we’re finally getting closer to seeing high-level professional baseball. The four-team Chinese Professional Baseball League has already been playing, and now the 10-team KBO, which regularly sends players to MLB, is in action. Hopefully soon we’ll have games in Japan and, eventually, MLB. 

ESPN even reached a deal with the KBO to air games live six times per week because fans are that eager to see baseball. Karl Ravech and Eduardo Perez even stayed up to call the first game of the season from their homes, beginning at 1 a.m. ET. 

And how did the season start? With a rain delay. 

After everything we’ve gone through, Mother Nature had to come through and derail the game. It was just a brief delay, though, and the Lions and Dinos were eventually able to get underway. 

Incredibly, the Kia Tigers and Kiwoom Heroes had even worse luck in their game later in the day. That game was delayed after a building across the street from the stadium caught fire and blanketed the field in thick, black smoke.

They were delayed for about 20 minutes before the fire was controlled and the smoke subsided. 

Can we please just have a baseball game go off without a hitch in 2020? We just need one thing to go as planned this year. 

So that’s what MJ is drinking

One thing people keep remarking on during The Last Dance is the fluctuating level of liquor in Michael Jordan’s glass. 

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Screenshot from ESPN's 'The Last Dance' showing Michael Jordan's tequila glass

The clips of Jordan speaking are sometimes edited to look like Jordan took a big sip of whatever booze he had in between lines of trash talk. As funny as that would be, director Jason Hehir explained that what you’re usually seeing is Jordan discussing similar topics multiple times over the course of an hours-long interview session. (In addition to the level of liquid in the glass changing, the light outside Jordan’s house changes from day to night.)

But Jordan is drinking something, and would it shock you to learn that it’s product placement for a brand he cofounded? Jordan’s a billionaire for a reason. 

The stuff in the glass is Cincoro tequila, a brand of small-batch tequila he launched with fellow NBA owners Jeanie Buss (Lakers), Wes Edens (Bucks) and Wyc Grousbeck and Emilia Fazzalari (Celtics). 

While Cincoro is enjoying its moment in the sun, the company is asking people to share virtual toasts on Sunday evenings with hashtag #ToastYourTeam. For each toast, the company will donate $10 to restaurant workers and bartenders out of work due to the pandemic. 

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