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Tim Brando Criticizes Kirk Herbstreit's Tweet on Cincinnati Inclusion in College Football Playoff

FOX Sports commentator Tim Brando didn't seem to appreciate Kirk Herbstreit's opinion on Cincinnati's inclusion in the College Football Playoff

On Tuesday, Herbstreit tweeted that there has been far less criticism of the College Football Playoff selection now that the first Group of Five schools has qualified

"After SEVEN years of bitching and complaining from a vocal minority that the CFP system is rigged and the 'small guy' will NEVER GET A CHANCE-haven’t heard much from ya last couple days. Everything okay," Herbstreit tweeted. "What’s the next conspiracy theory?? Can’t wait! Cause that one is history."

Brando responded by asking if the tweet was directed toward him, saying that he still stands by his opinion. 

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"If that’s aimed at me my friend? You’re sadly mistaken," Brando tweeted. "I’m right here! I’m pleased they’re in, but don’t trot out the CFP pablum without thinking you won’t get pushback here. Pretty sure my voice represents a strong number that have been forgotten in CFB’s exclusionary practices!"

Brando then returned with a specific example, wondering if the Bearcats would still be in the playoff if Oklahoma State defeated Baylor in the Big 12 championship game. 

"Had @CowboyFB won as a 12-1 Power Conference team there’s NO WAY @GoBearcatsFB would have gotten in. I respect @KirkHerbstreit a great deal, but that vibe has no business being out there. The 'look at us now' message to those that don’t cower to CFP’s every whim a joke! Enough."

No. 4 Cincinnati will face No. 1 Alabama in the Cotton Bowl on Dec. 31.

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