Lamar Jackson Eats Shrimp Alfredo Before Games

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Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson reveals that he eats shrimp alfredo before every game. Sports Illustrated's Robin Lundberg discussed this topic with Jimmy Traina in the latest edition of "Traina Thoughts".

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Robin Lundberg: Lamar Jackson may be fast, but he does not fast before games. For more, I'm joined by our Jimmy Traina. Jimmy, were you surprised to learn about Jackson's pre-game meal? 

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens will face the Titans in the NFL Divisional Round.

Jimmy Traina: I was. I mean, just because, you know athletes, they're just so health conscious. So to hear that someone eats shrimp alfredo loaded with butter and cheese and cream before a game seems a little counterproductive to me. But who can argue with Lamar Jackson's success? So clearly it's worked for him. So who am I to question it? But it did it did raise the eyebrows.

Robin Lundberg: Speaking of the eyebrows, the people's eyebrows. I mean, usually when we're talking about big giant meals, it's The Rock's cheat meal, not what you know, in NFL athletes eating right before a game. 

Jimmy Traina: Right. You know, I get the pasta, the carbo loading and all that. But for someone who spends most of his game running, it seems like a really heavy meal to have in your stomach. 

Robin Lundberg: What do you eat to get ready for your column? What's the best for your brain? Unfortunately, too much. Too much. 


Robin Lundberg: I try to intermittent fasting thing for a while. You know, you can get hungry and it can affect the synapses if you know. But it does, in fact, work. Maybe Lamar Jackson will give it a whirl at some point. Jimmy, appreciate your time, as always. 

Jimmy Traina: Anytime. 

"Traina Thoughts" features the daily opinion of SI media columnist Jimmy Traina. You can also read more from Robin Lundberg here.

Analysis from Todd Karpovich of RavenCountry: Unlike Michael Scott, Lamar Jackson can run like the wind with a heavy-carb diet. If he switches to Maryland blue crabs, there's no telling what he might be able to accomplish.

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