IDP Fantasy Football Studs: Nick and Joey Bosa

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When it comes to the Individual Defensive Players format in fantasy football, players that register sacks are worth their weight in gold. Defensive ends like 49ers Nick and Chargers Joey Bosa and Browns Myles Garrett are three of the best defensive ends heading into the 2020 NFL season.

But where should fantasy football managers playing in IDP leagues draft them?

Sports Illustrated’s Shawn Childs and Jaime Eisner analyze the best defensive lineman and defensive ends to grab in 2020.

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Corey Parson: Hey what's up, it's Corey Parson, the fantasy executive with Fantasy football season is still a few months away, but all you IDP-leaguers, we got some stuff coming up for you. Joining me right now is Si fantasy and gambling analyst Jamie Eisner and Shawn Childs. Jamie, I'm not a real big IVP guy, but I know in Dynasty circles a lot of people like to include individual defensive players. Give me a couple guys that you've got your eye on for the upcoming season. 


Jamie Eisner: Well, let's start with the number one player on Matt De Lima's list and that is Myles Garrett of the Browns. We're going to talk a lot about sack totals in this video. And over the last two years, he's averaging .9 sacks per game. So almost a sack per game. He's not going to miss any time in this coming season after the helmet swinging incident that everybody is aware of from last year. So you won't have to worry about that there. Another guy to like his number three in De Lima's list is Joey Bosa, averaging .8 sacks per game in his career. You can pretty much bank on 11 to 13 if he is healthy—just a dynamic force on a Chargers front that also has some help on the other side in Melvin Ingram, both those guys are cornerstones to build your Dynasty IDP leagues around.

Corey Parson: Shawn, when you talk about IDP and Dynasty football, obviously players that get on the field a lot are very important. Do you have anybody in mind that you think could have an uptick in their production this season? 

Nick Bosa

Shawn Childs: You've got to love Nick Bosa. I mean, his brother is pretty talented, but Nick Bosa plays probably on a better overall defense. The surrounding core gives him a lot of help. You know, he had nine sacks in his rookie season that drafted second overall, 47 tackles. He can pressure the quarterback. He can force fumbles. He has some interceptions. There's a lot of stuff he can do. He's gonna be a talented player going forward. I expect his sack total to eventually press pass 15 for a season. So overall, he's probably the top guy for me out of these if I was going to pick, I would take Nick Bosa for sure.

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