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Royals Fantasy Baseball Outlook: Maikel Franco, Brady Singer, Hunter Dozier

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The Royals might not have a winning season in 2020 but they have a few players that can help fantasy baseball players win their leagues. Maikel Franco and Brady Singer, are two players that stand out as potential sleeper and breakout players from Kansas City according to Sports Illustrated’s fantasy baseball analyst Shawn Childs. On the other hand, SI’s Jaime Eisner labels Royal's third baseman Hunter Dozier as a bust. Which players from the Royals should fantasy baseball players draft and who should they avoid? Read the full transcript from Childs and Eisner’s conversation:

Corey Parson: Hey, what's up is Corey Parson fantasy executive here with Mini fantasy, baseball owners have already drafted their rosters. But for those of you that are still all we had to break down right now, the Kansas City Royals. And joining me to help me do that is SI Fantasy and gambling analyst Jamie Eisner and Shawn Childs. Shawn, Let's start with you. Give me some sleepers in this song. Kansas City Royals roster.

Shawn Childs:  In 2018, the Royals really, really had a four top prospects get drafted in the first round, and Brady Singer is the guy at the top of the list. He got drafted 18th overall. He posted a one-point seventy R.A. with 53 K's a single day and bounced up to double-A. Last year, seven three three-point 470 R.A. eighty-five KS over ninety innings pitched really well in college under three R.A. Plenty of strikeouts lives on a low 90s fastball plus slider. The trick here is this year he should be scheduled to pitch at triple A. But with the change of the season being shorter and what they're going to do, he might get a chance to see some action in the majors. So he's a guy that you want to keep an eye on. It is ADP is well below anybody. Draft him 732. 

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So he's not going to be on the radar, but he's the name you have to follow because the royals are going to have to, you know, rebuild. And they got the pitchers. They need him to develop the same time. So he's a guy you want to keep an eye on, on. And I'm interested. As for the value in the royals, Maikel Franco Franco has been a real kind of a steady player for Phillies over three years, but kind of was the odd man out last year. He doesn't strike out a lot, but he will take some walks. And the problem is that he is home run rate is a little lower than you want. But his average hit rate, which is an indicator that I like to use, is close to one point seven five, which that gives him a chance to hit well over 30 home runs, is just a matter of him playing in the right lineup to stay every day and get his 550 about, you know, two seventy-five for a half-season. So he's the type of guy that doesn't look sexy on draft day, but I think he can be really productive in a lower-tier lineup. In the end, he should have a chance to have fifteen home runs and maybe get forty RBI this year and with a neutral batting average. 

Corey Parson:  Jaime, give me a Kansas City Royals that you'll be staying away from one draft day.

Jaime Eisner: I don't have many shares of Hunter Dozier coming off of his big breakout power year. Hit the ball really hard at all of those hard-hit metrics are nice, but I think that batting average is going to drop fairly significantly, hit to seventy-nine last year. I think we're looking at closer to maybe a 250 batting average this year as his three thirty-nine Babbette normalizes a bit. I still think he's going to have 20 homerun power relative to whatever the course of the season. So half that and still put up similar counting stats as he did last season. But I'm not paying the top 170 draft price for him. He's just a hair outside the top 200 for me. 

Corey Parson: All right. Thanks a lot, Shawn and Jaime, for the latest from the majors. Make sure you keep a log right here