DraftKings Offers First-Ever UFC Millionaire Maker

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UFC 250 has an exciting main event with Amanda Nunes against Felicia Spencer and co-main which pairs up Raphael Assuncao and Cody Garbrandt. Without other popular sports like NBA, MLB, or NFL in action, Daily Fantasy Sports website DraftKings is offering its first-ever Millionaire Maker for a UFC Event. The entry fee to that contest is $25 and in addition to the $1 million prize, DraftKings is also sending the winner to this year’s Super Bowl. 

Combat Sports gambling analyst Casey Olson highlighted the fighters to build your roster around. Check out his full analysis in his article.

Read the full transcript from Olson’s conversation with Sports Illustrated’s gambling analyst Frank Taddeo.

Bill Enright: UFC 250 is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 6th and if you're a DFS player, we got some good news for you because Draft Kings is offering the first-ever millionaire maker for MMA. Let's bring on our fantasy and gambling analyst Casey Olson and Frank Taddeo, who have the latest when it comes to UFC 250. Frank, I'll start with you. This is the first millionaire maker, as I said, for the UFC. Talk a little bit about how this industry, specifically with MMA, has grown so fast, so quickly.

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Frank Taddeo: It really is amazing, but it's really strengthened by the fact that, obviously, it's the only real-life sporting event to come back. For all DFS players to know that you have the opportunity now to take part in the millionaire maker; they’re so popular in the days of the NFL when the NFL is primarily in season, but for UFC, this is a tremendous, tremendous opportunity right now for all DFS players to jump in... And jump in at a time when you could be looking at possibly a giant score. With the UFC coming back, there are so many great opportunities, but a millionaire maker built it puts it right back on the map. It's great to see because the UFC is exciting and it gives it all bettors as an opportunity to be on an even playing field. Hopefully, Casey has some better advice on which guys to actually look to invest in.

Bill Enright: Casey, let's get some of that good advice that you always deliver. Who are you looking to build your roster around?

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Casey Olson: This is going to be a weekend. It's going to be an exciting card. Keep in mind, we got that smaller cage still in effect. A lot of guys that put out a lot of action, check out the charts in the article. You'll see a couple of nuggets in there that you maybe can build your roster around. As far as favorites: Amanda Nunez, the pound for pound best women's fighter in the world. She's going to be heavily owned. She's up there five rounds of work, probably a finish. Alonzo Menifield, check him out. The guy is undefeated. He's never gone to a decision. And heck, his average fight time is like three minutes, so expect some fireworks in that one. Looking at some underdogs, you know, Evan Dunham in the mix. And then we've got some perennial contenders out there, too, like Jussier Formiga and Raphael Assuncao. Those guys are always in a fight and their salary is pretty low this week. So check them out and you might want to consider them as well.

Bill Enright [00:02:18] Casey's article is excellent. If you're looking to make some money playing MMA or UFC DFS for UFC 250, you can check it out by going to SI.com/fantasy.