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Don’t Draft These Fantasy Football Busts in 2020

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Knowing which players NOT to draft is just as important as identifying the players to grab in fantasy football leagues.

There’s three types of fantasy football players: 1. Plenty of success and consistently outperform the people in their league. 2. The players that find some success but are rather inconsistent in their annual finish. 3. The people that know nothing about fantasy football and play because it’s fun or popular. The people in group one do two things really well. They identify value in players and acquire them at a discount during the draft but the second thing is what separates them from the managers in group two and that’s identifying the players NOT to draft. Sports Illustrated’s fantasy analyst Matt DeLima identifies ten players to stay away from drafting in 2020. SI’s Ben Heisler and BrownsDigest’s Peter Smith discuss some of the players on that list in the attached video.