How to cheer up Cubs fans: Hot Clicks

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Chicago's Silver Lining

Jennifer Morrison :: Courtesy of

We don't really know what to say to Cubs fans this morning. Epic Carnival has some advice on what not to say, but that isn't going to make the pain of another playoff loss go away. So instead we'll bring you a pic of Chicago native, die-hard Cubs fan and House star Jennifer Morrison. If anyone can distract North Siders from their misery, it's Jennifer.

Your MMA Report

In case you missed this weekend's MMA action, the great Kimbo Slice was destroyed in 14 seconds by Seth Petruzelli, who was a last-minute fill-in for Ken Shamrock. For those sports fans who just can't get into MMA, check out Gina Carano, who beat Kelly Kobold in Saturday's undercard.

Two Bad Baseball Ideas

We're not sure what's worse -- a Bull Durham sequel or Phillies hero Pat Burrell posing for this Chippendales-esque pic.

South Park and the NFL

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The World of Issac noticed some similarities between South Park and the NFL -- none stronger than Browns coach Romeo Crennel and Chef.

Two Quick NHL Notes

In case you missed the start of another exciting NHL season, Boris Valabik and Jordin Tootooexchanged pleasantries during the Predators-Thrashers exhibition game on Friday. We also learned a lot from this list of the NHL's top 50 players.

Random Stories We Found Hard to Believe

Two teenagers mooned a couple women from a bus and were promptly arrested when the women complained ... An 11-year-old was forcefully shoved by the coach of an opposing football team during the postgame handshake line ... A Minnesota man spent two months in jail after being found with white powder. He was cleared after tests showed the powder was deodorant, not cocaine.

Man's Dream Finally Comes True

You knew it was only a matter of time before someone combined men's two favorite things in this world -- golf and lingerie -- into one item. If only we could get Natalie Gulbis to model it.

Must-See Items On Facebook

For Torrie Wilson pics and a look at famous nude scenes, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Campus Clicks

Mike Stoops and Mike Gundy sure know how the whine. :: Icon SMI

Whiniest college coaches ... NFL vs. NCAA cheerleader showdown ...Top 10 organized campus streaking events ... Good news, bad news for the Spartans ... Video: Lunch with the Buckeyes.

Dan Snyder Video Of The Day

The Redskins owner was pumped up after yesterday's win over the Eagles.

Sorta Gymnastics Video Of The Day

This kid pulls off 17 backflips in 30 seconds.

O.J. Simpson Video Of The Day

Before he was confined to a lifetime in prison, the Juice was the lovable -- and oft beat up -- Det. Nordberg of Police Squad.

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