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Brooklyn And Boston

Brooklyn Decker :: Pamela Hanson/SI

When I left you on Thursday, we were breaking down Maxim's 2009 Hot 100. Then, Andy Gray filled in for me Friday and whined about the state of Boston sports. This is even funnier now because the Red Sox lost two of out three to Seattle over the weekend and the Celtics lost Game 7 at home to the Magic last night. But let's put the Maxim list to bed since many of you e-mailed about it. Nate Rullman, of Lexington, Va., said, "How did Brooklyn Decker not make the Maxim list, but Katy Perry did? At 15?! Shenanigans." Apparently, shenanigans were going around. John, of San Antonio, said, "I must call shenanigans on this Maxim Top 100 -- or possibly you? Are you telling me Brooklyn Decker didn't make their list? Shenanigans, I tell ya!" I had nothing to do with the list or the shenanigans, but here are Decker's 2009, 2008 and 2007 SI Swimsuit galleries. One last e-mail: Ryan, of Westfield, Mass., said, "I have to agree with you on the disgraceful placement of Minka Kelly at No. 84 on the Maxim Hot 100. What a rip-off. She could easily be in the top three. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who feels like she deserved better."

The Hottest Maria In Sports Isn't Sharapova

The other topic that generated the most e-mail over the weekend was a golfer. "You have got to post something about Russian golfer Maria Verchenova. She is a 10," said Steven Rozina, of Charlotte N.C. Brennan Furry, of Cleveland, chimed in: "Please check out this hotty golfer from Russia. Look out, Tiger. She's going to make the fans 'ROAR.' " Ian, of San Francisco, couldn't contain his praise, saying, "This girl is actual talent. Don't get me wrong, Natalie Gulbis is 'golf hot,' but Maria Verchenova is real hot." And Chris, of Centreville, Va., got right to the point. "Hey, Jimmy," he said, "I don't make it a habit to catch many LPGA events on TV, but with golfers like this, maybe I'll tune in a little more often." Unfortunately, Verchenova's Web site is down, but you can find out more about her here and here.

Props For Baseball

No sport screws things up more than Major League Baseball, but it deserves a lot of credit for finally listening to fans and starting World Series games earlier. MLB and Fox will announce today that the Fall Classic will begin at 7:57 p.m. ET. And while the league often makes it tough for fans to embrace the sport, it still manages to amaze on a regular basis. Two examples from over the weekend: First, the Angels' John Lackey was making his season debut Saturday in Texas. He threw two pitches and got ejected. And then yesterday, Rays pitcher Andy Sonnanstineended up batting third because manager Joe Maddon messed up the lineup card.

Countdown To The Hangover

One of the most anticipated summer movies is The Hangover, which opens June 5. A major reason for the buzz is a cameo by Mike Tyson, which Hot Clicks has featured a couple of times. Judging by the clip, once the film is out, Tyson should easily make this list of the top 10 funniest athlete movie cameos. Meanwhile, the cast of The Hangover, including Heather Graham, participated in a charity poker tournament over the weekend.

The Hangover :: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Fanatics In Action has searched YouTube to come up with the 10 funniest superfans ever caught on camera, but this really should be called "10 people who embarrassed themselves beyond belief."

Random Links

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Sports Video Of The Day

Charles Barkley tees off at a charity event and takes someone out.

Interesting Parenting Video Of The Day

Wade Whiting, of Lawrence, Kan., says, "I made this video of my kid after I finished up my law school finals. My wife was away at work so I was playing Mr. Mom. This is why you don't leave your kids home alone with Dad for an extended period of time. Call it bad parenting, but my kid is a Rock Superstar!"

Bad Commercial Of The Day

The best part is the transition from cross-dressing singer to serious, suit-wearing salesman. (Thanks to Greg, of New York, for the link.)

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