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Auburn's Newton wins's annual People's Heisman Trophy


The American public has spoken, and it's getting behind Cam Newton.

A total of 326 ballots were submitted for the People's Choice for the Heisman Trophy and the Auburn quarterback was the clear winner, finishing 222 points ahead of Stanford's Andrew Luck. Oregon's LaMichael James finished third and Boise State's Kellen Moore came in fourth.

A look at these ballots could prove an interesting forecast for the official vote. It certainy provides insight into how polarizing Newton has become. While he seized 203 first-place votes, he was also left off 57 ballots. If your votes fall in line with the official Heisman votes, Newton would claim 573 first-place votes to win by 626 points over Luck, producing the largest margin of victory in four years.

It's also worth noting that your pick for the Halfway Heisman, Michigan's Denard Robinson, still finished fifth. He received twice as many first-place votes as Moore and 25 more than James.

A few notes about the complete voting results, which you'll find below:

• All voting was tabulated using the typical Heisman formula, giving three points for first-place votes, two for second-place votes and one for third-place votes.

• Only players receiving at least 10 percent of the vote are listed.