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Hot Clicks: Monica Apor; soccer fan runs on field as cow, scores goal


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When Angels fan Mike Langdon strolled up to the will call window before a game last week against the Yankees, he was given the wrong tickets. He ended up with the envelope that was supposed to go to former Angels pitcher Mark Langston. Where were those seats? Well, they weren't seats, exactly. The tickets got him into a suite -- owner Arte Moreno's suite. (Thanks to Andrew, of Playa del Rey, Calif., for the link.)

Langdon-Langston, Langston-Langdon

Mark Langston :: AP

This soccer fan decided to dress up as a cow. He also scored a goal.

Not Your Typical Fan-Runs-On-Field Story

If NBA basketball equipment could talk, what would it say? lets us know.

I'm Sure You've Always Wondered About This

Mike K., of West Palm Beach, Fla., says, "Jimmy -- Help! The Yankees were swept by the Red Sox, it looks like Joba could be out for the rest of the season, and my mother is coming to stay this weekend. I have no actual suggestion for today's LLOD, but I am asking you to dig deep and come up with something spectacular. Thanks in advance for your help." Mike, I don't appreciate having that kind of pressure put on me, but I did my best and came up with Brazilian model Monica Apor for today's LLOD.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Monica Apor :: Maxim

Clutch Blog has compiled 12 videos of fans making great catches at MLB games.

Better Than Bartman

SI Recommends

Despite a valiant effort, Mike from Charlotte, does not get the honor for this e-mail. "Hey, Jimmy. I think you do a great job. Love the column and look forward to it every day. How about a day dedicated to the beautiful thong. It is my favorite and so hot. Keep up the great work. Thanks." Instead, I'm giving the E-Mail of the Day honor to Spencer Tait, of Corona, Calif., who said, "Hey, Jimmy, I need your help. You posted about the Callaway Gold giveaway in Thursday's A.M. Hot Clicks, and we need to help my brother win this thing. My brother loves golf. He would live on the course if he could, but he has to work for a living like most of us. To make a long story short, some hack job that he didn't even know sliced a golf ball in to his family jewels, and now he only has one nut. Let's get Hot Clicks behind his story, and get him out on the course with Justin Timberlake and a new club.

E-Mail Of The Day

I got approximately 1,000,000 e-mails today to alert me that it's Kate Upton's birthday. (No, John Schmidt, of Vernon B.C., I can't host a party. And happy birthday, Chad Ruter, of Westmont, Ill.) Anyway, our friends at and are celebrating the big occasion.

Speaking Of E-Mails...

The NFL Network's Rich Eisen joined me on the latest edition. Listen below or download it.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

Check out the prank that was played on Ron Artest Thursday night.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day, No. 1

The late-night host teamed up with Usher for this ode to NBA benchwarmers.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day, No. 2