Hot Clicks: Katsia Damankova; Santonio Holmes celebrates new contract

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In Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks, we posted video of Pastor Joe Nelms delivering an unusual prayer before last weekend's Nashville Nationwide series event. The clip went viral and was featured on tons of sites and TV shows. Now, some genius has put the prayer to music and the result is this phenomenal video.

God Bless The Internet

Joe Nelms

This is like Christmas in July. It's always fun when some cheesy '80s video makes its way to YouTube. In this case, "fun" is an enormous understatement. Here are A.C. Green, David Robinson and Barry Sanders rapping about abstinence in a tune titled It Ain't Worth It. (Thanks to Ricky Waldron, of Seattle, for the link.)

God Bless The Internet, Part 2

Someone dressed as Green Man ran onto the field at a minor league game last night. As Deadspin points out, the whole thing looked a bit suspicious. Plus, the best part was the announcer, not security, chasing the intruder.

I'm Calling Fake

Katsia Damankova is a Victoria's Secret model who has never been featured before in Hot Clicks, so I'm fixing that transgression now.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Katsia Damankova :: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Wide receiver Santonio Holmes agreed to a five-year, $50 million deal with the Jets yesterday. He seemed happy.

Twitter Picture Of The Day

The Padres set a Guinness World Record yesterday for most dogs (337) in a pet costume parade.

Dog Day

While in Arizona for the All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game, Erin Andrews got a ton of celebrities and athletes to sign her jersey. It's being auctioned off to benefit the family of Shannon Stone, the fan who died tragically at a Texas Rangers game. Among the people who autographed the jersey besides Andrews: Rickey Henderson, Joe Torre, Bernie Williams, Mark Grace, Larry Fitzgerald, Carlos Bocanegra and Kate Upton. For the full list and to bid on the jersey, check out this link. The auction will go on through next week, with 100 percent of the net proceeds going directly to the Memorial Account in Honor of Shannon Stone set up by the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation.

Auction Of The Day

Erin Andrews jersey

Timberwolves forward and new professional volleyball player Kevin Love recently joined the show. I recommend listening to it so you can hear him talk about how he asked his best friend's girlfriend to his senior prom (without telling his best friend and girlfriend he was going to do so). Listen to it below or download it on iTunes.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

I'm only posting one video here because I want to make sure you watch the ones linked up in the first two items of this edition. Below is a mashup of movies' greatest mirror pep talks. (Warning: Video contains strong language.)

Mashup Video Of The Day

Cinema's Greatest Mirror Pep Talk from FilmDrunkDotCom on Vimeo.