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Hot Clicks: Lee-Ann Liebenberg; Arron Asham-Jay Beagle fight

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The fight between Penguins forward Arron Asham and Capitals center Jay Beagle last night featured a little bit of everything. You had a vicious knockout by Asham, followed by Asham taunting Beagle, followed by Asham apologizing to Beagle. It also resulted in the outstanding photo above.

More Action Than a PPV Boxing Match

Arron Asham, Jay Beagle :: AP

If you have Brandon Marshall on your fantasy team, beware! The Dolphins wide receiver says he will probably get ejected during the second quarter of Monday's game against the Jets.

Adjust Your Lineups

Well, maybe telling college kids not to drink and have sex, but for now we're talking about Wisconsin asking it's kids to keep the language clean at football games. Buckingham (Bucky) Badger writes, "Jimmy, long-time reader. Anyway, as a proud Badger alumni, I forward this letter from the University of Wisconsin athletic department to the students. The "eat s*** f*** you" and "you f***ed up" chants have been going on for years and it's always audible enough that anyone familiar with Camp Randall expects and even grows to enjoy them. Thus, this letter must be in response to those children of the corn that visited Madison for the first time and were not too pleased with the vulgarity, not to mention the final score. [Athletic Director] Barry [Alvarez] and [coach] Bret [Bielema] are too cool to actually be asking the students to stop these chants. Keep up the good work."

Is There Anything More Futile Than Telling College Kids Not To Curse?

I need to apologize to the members of Hot Clicks Nation. My research skills weren't up to par yesterday, and when I gave model Lee-Ann LiebenbergLovely Lady of the Day honors yesterday, I mentioned that I didn't have access to a photo that did her justice. However, I've since learned that Liebenberg was in Sports Illustrated South Africa's Swimsuit edition in 2008.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Lee-Ann Liebenberg :: SI

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SI Recommends

Here's a pretty cool story about an NHL fan who posted a design for a Senators jersey on a message board, which the team wore last night.

Apparently, Message Boards Aren't Just For Hateful Comments

... and say this Cardinals fan removing his team-decorated prosthetic leg will be the most bizarre thing you see today.

I'm Going To Go Out On A Limb...

If you miss the NBA and need a fix, check out what Celtics guard Rajon Rondo did at the State Farm Big Blue All Star Tour yesterday.

Sports Video Of The Day

Here is the latest installment of This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day