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Hot Clicks: April Vaughan; Rays players dress as nerds

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The Rays have proved they like to dress up, and they were at it again today when they went with a nerd theme (that's infielder Sean Rodriguez above) for their trip to Boston. The bow ties were actually in honor of Fox MLB reporter Ken Rosenthal, who wears one on television for charity. While that's a great sentiment, I'm just happy I get to link to this.

Nerd Alert!

Sean Rodriguez :: Via Instagram

Thanks to a very flimsy report in one of the New York tabloids today, the Yankees ownership group had to issue a statement this morning to let people know the team is not for sale. However, that hasn't stopped from imagining what the it would look like if the Steinbrenners put the Yankees on eBay.

No "Buy It Now" Option?

Here's a cool chart that breaks down the worst shooters in the NBA this season from different spots on the court. (Thanks to Jason Reynolds, of Burlington, Ontario, for the link.)

Graphic Of The Day

Australian model April Vaughan gets today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

April Vaughan ::

During the recent Big 12 baseball tournament in Oklahoma City, one banner had a cringe-worthy mistake.

How Do You Misspell That Word?

Last week I got a tremendous reaction from my followers after tweeting a picture of car parked in two spots at a movie theater. Therefore, it's only fitting I let you know about this app that helps you go after, as Larry David called them, "pig parkers." (Thanks to @cstrat25 for the video and article.)

Genius App Video Of The Day

I was trying to put an end to the run of Call Me Maybe videos despite the fact that people are still sending them to me every day. I'm only posting this one because it stars people who work at the Staples Center, including Kings Ice Girls and Clippers cheerleaders. More important than that, it also features two appearances by Craig Sager.

Sports Video Of The Day