March 21, 2008
The Links
The NBA Wants Attention, Too

Miami Heat cheerleaders ::Getty Images
With all eyes on the NCAA tournament, has come up with a smart way to get sports fans to pay some attention to their site. They're holding their own bracket tournament. And this one will determine which team has -- in's words -- the fans' favorite dance team. And we all know that that's just code for "Which team has the hottest dance team?" The Heat dancers are the defending champs, and based on the above photo, we're not surprised.
He Took A Shot
We can't really describe this next link. We can just say that it's probably the coolest way to pick your bracket, and it involves going to a shooting range.
Boycott Bonanza puts its amazing Photoshop skills to good use, by showing us some sports protests it would like to see.
So Much Mania
With Wrestlemania XXIV taking place a week from Sunday, Epic Carnival looks back at the 10 best Wrestlemania's of all time.
More Cinderella Talk

Rudy, Hoosiers has caught the March Madness fever, so it's looking at the 23 best underdog sports movies.
Skinny Baseball Skinnies
Here's a preview of the 2008 MLB season for the MTV generation. Rivalfish breaks down each team in 10 words or less. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Dusty's Downfall
Dusty Baker is known for wearing out his pitchers. Well, according to Blue Monkey Disco Party, the Reds skipper isn't just destroying hurlers anymore.
The Dickie V Haters Will Like This
Check out Dick Vitale dressed as Cinderella.
Bizarre Story Of The Day
Reid of Austin, Texas, e-mailed us to say: "I have no idea how you will relate this to sports and entertainment, but you MUST find a way." We won't even try to find a way to do it, we'll just tell you to check it out this medical mishap.
Today in Campus Clicks
Hotties Of The NCAA Women's Tournament ... Top 10 Tourney Pigout Treats ... Fan gets in trouble after appearing in SI ... March Madness Gear Guide ... Video: Snowboarding mishap ... more.
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Sports Video Of The Day
This was the only exciting thing during UCLA's drubbing of Mississippi Valley St. last night.

Animal Video Of The Day
Check out this dog playing with himself... not like that.

Music Video Of The Day
Stais of Hialeah, Fla., has e-mailed us a link to the best semi-dirty song/video since D--- In a Box. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

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