The Finals’ unlikeliest saga continues.

By Jeremy Woo
June 03, 2017

Before we get into this, stop me if you had “Warriors vs. Rihanna” as the Finals’ most noteworthy matchup after one game.

Well, you were right, actually.

After the whole Kevin Durant situation unfurled during and after Game 1, Steph Curry got asked about Rihanna specifically for a brief moment during Saturday’s presser.

So Rihanna was never on the Warriors’ locker room playlist, apparently. Which I guess is fair, considering it’s the playoffs and maybe Golden State wants something more...hyphy or whatever.

That said, Golden State is known for blasting music at practice, having fun and all that. So the odds are...Steph is probably fibbing here.

And hey, respect for having KD’s back.

Will Rihanna show up again on Sunday? Stay tuned...

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