LeBron James on Arthur? Maybe.

By Charlotte Carroll
November 22, 2017

LeBron James is the (un)disputed king of Cleveland, depending on the audience. But what's not hard to argue is that he is the king of the Arthur meme. 

It looks like this new title has paid off in a different way, with the show's executive producer Carol Greenwald telling For The Win that James has been invited to guest star on the popular children's TV show.

Greenwald told For The Win she is thrilled Arthur has had such an impact and is being used to tell jokes. She added that having James on the show would be a great opportunity to talk about feelings since James expressed his by using the meme. 

While the meme has been around for a while, James brought it to new heights and meanings when he posted an Instagram in early November with the caption "Mood" depicting an image of fist from Arthur, that is usually meant to show frustration.

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LeBron tends to use cryptic memes and online posts to send messages, but not typically that early in the season. However, a 4-6 start to the year seemed like an appropriate time to start the memes. 

After a win streak, his Cavs teammates even got in on the fun. They posted Arthur meme after Arthur meme when the Cavaliers beat the Knicks after a 23-point deficit. 

We can't wait to see what character LeBron would become, and here's hoping to future memes of LeBron as an Arthur meme. 


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