Tobias Harris Continues to Watch Boban, Luka's Friendship Flourish in Orlando

Justin Grasso

When Tobias Harris inked a long-term deal with the Philadelphia 76ers over the offseason, the veteran forward was understandably excited about finding a long-term home in Philly. However, the moment was bittersweet because Harris' right-hand man Boban Marjanovic wasn't in the same position.

Instead of finding a way to remain with the Sixers, Marjanovic had to move on. So the big man found a new team with the Dallas Mavericks. Although Harris was upset about Boban's departure, he didn't have to worry about seeing him as an opponent too much since he joined a team in the Western Conference.

Now that the NBA's current playing format is completely revamped, though, the situation has gotten tough for Harris. As Boban has found a new right-hand man in Mavericks star, Luka Doncic, Harris continues to see the new duo hanging out while in the Orlando bubble.

The Tobi-Bobi breakup started late last week as the Sixers arrived at the Grand Floridian Hotel in Orlando. While in his room quarantining for 36 hours, Harris stumbled upon a video of the Mavericks glorifying Boban and Luka's friendship. Because of that, Harris was left with no choice but to Google sad quotes.

"Starting today, I need to forget what's gone," Harris hilariously tweeted. "Appreciate what still remains and look forward to what's coming next." Just hours after tweeting out his sad quote, Boban paid Harris a visit, and the Sixers forward made it clear they aren't friends anymore.

Then, as Harris and the Sixers completed their mandatory quarantine, the 76ers max star spotted Boban and Luka hanging out around the hotel once again. And as the Boban-Luke friendship has garnered lots of attention from NBA fans all over, NBA social media accounts continue to tease Harris.

Many might've thought that since the Sixers and the Mavericks are staying at the same hotel in Orlando, the adventures of Tobi and Bobi would continue. However, it seems Boban is more focused on keeping the chemistry with his star teammate high, rather than rekindling his friendship with what appears to be his former right-hand man in Tobias Harris. We'll see if that changes over time.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_