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The Los Angeles Lakers have had a dreadful start to what was supposed to be a dominant season. Injuries have played a big factor, as the team currently sits at 24-25, which is good for 9th in the Western Conference. Russell Westbrook, who was acquired in the offseason, has faced a lot of criticism and blame for the Lakers' slow start. According to Draymond Green, the blame should not all fall on Russ.

On if the Lakers should consider moving Westbrook at the trade deadline, Draymond said, "The reality is I’m not sure Russell Westbrook gets traded. If I’m guessing just as an NBA fan, I don’t really foresee it happening nor do I think it really should happen. You haven’t really had the opportunity to see that team healthy and how they could grow together healthy. And I also don’t like how Russell Westbrook gets all of the blame for everything going wrong."

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Green's comments came on a recent podcast episode, and actually echoed similar sentiments that were shared by Charles Barkley last week. On a recent TNT segment, Barkley said, "The way they have tried to throw Russell Westbrook and Frank Vogel under the bus is just really pissing me off." Barkley continued by saying that "They're blaming Frank Vogel and Russell Westbrook. Listen, the people up top, who put that trash together, are running and hiding like cowards... You put all them old geezers out there."

The Lakers are certainly far from where they want to be, but Draymond Green believes they have yet to have an opportunity to grow as a team. Because of this, he does not foresee a Russell Westbrook trade, nor does he believe Russ deserves as much blame as he currently receives.

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