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Not much has been said about Paul George's injury since the initial update that he would be re-evaluated in 3-4 weeks. The day of that announcement from the Clippers, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski said that "The team will re-evaluate [George] in 3-4 weeks, they'll see if rest can get him on a pathway to recovery, but he's gonna be out certainly a significant period of time, and there's no real sense of when, or if, he'll be back this year." 

Since that update from Woj, not much has been said. At practice on Wednesday morning, Clippers guard and close friend of Paul George, Reggie Jackson, was asked about the status of George's injury. Reggie said, "He’s taking it day-by-day. I just talked to him yesterday. We were playing video games. The first thing he’s thinking about, is like, ‘How are you doing?’ ‘My elbow is feeling good. Rested, feeling good.’”

Reggie added that it felt good to hear a positive update from George, and he just encouraged him to keep resting and getting his mind right. The Clippers certainly hope George can come back this year, but it seems logical to assume that both he and Kawhi Leonard will only return if the team is in a position to make a serious playoff run. The Clippers currently sit at 19-19, which is good for 9th in the Western Conference.

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