Report: Clippers Still Interested In Acquiring Derrick Rose

Can LA outbid New York?
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Shams Charania and James L. Edwards III of The Athletic recently reported that the Detroit Pistons and Derrick Rose have reached a mutual agreement to trade the former MVP. Rose wishes to be on a more competitive team, and the Pistons hope to give his minutes to younger, developing talent.

Charania and Edwards III stated that the New York Knicks “are engaged in active talks to acquire the Pistons guard.” However, the article later states that “The Clippers have also expressed interest in the 12-year veteran.”

Could the Clippers compete with the Knicks in terms of trade assets? If Detroit is indeed looking to develop young talent, it’s a tough ask. The Clippers are devoid of any first-round picks, and Rose is not worth that high of an asking price to begin with. The Knicks aren’t likely to give up any of their valuable assets either, but they do have the upper hand if it becomes a bidding war.

If Rose and the Pistons are working alongside one another to find a solution for both sides, New York seems to be his preferential spot. The article notes that a Knicks deal would reunite Rose with his former head coach Tom Thibodeau, under whom Rose won league MVP back in 2011.

The Clippers would likely have to include former Sixth Man of the Year Lou Williams in any trade involving Rose, in order to make the salaries match. Williams has had a bit of a streaky season with the Clippers thus far, but he’s shown flashes of his former self (18 points on Friday night against the Boston Celtics).

Would a Williams-for-Rose swap improve the Clippers overall? It’s difficult to say. Rose’s shooting is still a question mark, and Williams is a vocal leader in the Clippers locker room that the coaching staff values.

Time will tell if the Knicks can get a deal done, or if LA can swoop in and steal Rose.