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Five Veterans Oklahoma City Could Sign in Free Agency

It's unlikely the Thunder make any big signings this summer, but a few depth additions could be possible.

While Oklahoma City’s prized possession is in the draft this summer, the Thunder could surprise a few people in free agency. Thunder GM Sam Presti said it was unlikely the team would spend big this summer, which makes perfect sense. But OKC will still have to fill some holes on the roster, and assuming next season is a bit more competitive, adding value veterans could be the way to go. Oklahoma City desperately needs a few steady hands and veterans to step in and fill some team needs. Here are a few team-friendly contracts the Thunder could look into this season if they’re aiming to get back in the playoffs:

Isaiah Hartenstein

Hartenstein is a big man that’s still young enough to blossom in a system like Oklahoma City’s. He’s never been able to play more than 18 minutes per game in his career and needs some consistency in an NBA rotation. Even if the Thunder select one of the top three big men in the NBA Draft, they still desperately need depth. Oklahoma City could also secure Hartenstein at more of a value price. He would be an interesting piece to add to the Thunder’s young and blossoming core.

TJ Warren

Warren would be a good fit for the Thunder if they were hoping to return to competition. Looking at it from a different angle, it makes sense for the Thunder to help Warren get back on the right path. After playing just four games in the past two seasons, many teams are skeptical about the North Carolina State product’s future and health. He could work his way back slowly on a team like the Thunder and fill a much-needed scoring load. In 2019, he averaged 19.8 points per game on 53.6% shooting.

Taurean Prince

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One of the most valuable positions in basketball today is the forward spot. Oklahoma City simply doesn’t have many options. Prince fit right in this season with the Timberwolves, helping transform the culture and reach the playoffs, and could try to do the same in OKC. The Thunder need lengthy bodies on defense and perimeter shooting, while Prince provides both. Seeing how Prince slots in next to someone like Darius Bazley would be interesting too, as they are a similar combination of wing and forward.

Gary Harris

Oklahoma City is really lacking in the perimeter shooting category. If the OKC wants to surround its stars with help, it would be wise to invest in 3-point shooting and veteran pieces. Harris shot 38.4% from three last season and would be a valuable asset for the Thunder off the bench. Being with Denver from 2014 to 2020, the franchise went from rebuilding to a rising to power in the West. He also brings strong playoff experience. After cashing in a big payday with the Magic, Harris could be looking for an environment where he can flourish. If the price is right, he’d be a fun piece off the bench.

Kevon Looney

Since being drafted in 2015, Looney has been with Golden State his entire career. This season, he played a career-high 21 minutes per game. He’s a great off-ball offensive player and a fantastic screener, which could really benefit a player like Josh Giddey. He’s also a very solid defender too. Looney has never averaged more than 6.3 points per game in his career, as he’s played a limited role with a championship-caliber team. Because of that, Oklahoma City wouldn’t have to break the bank.

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