Deep Diving the Wild-Card Matchups

Everything you would ever want to know about this weekend’s matchups. Plus, a very large mailbag touching on the Bills’ dysfunctional coaching search, why Chip Kelly doesn’t make a lot of sense as New England’s next OC, Sheldon Richardson’s next stop and much more
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This week’s Look Ahead show:

• Giants at Packers: Shorthanded Pack secondary vs. Odell Beckham, Green Bay’s edge on the edge, a look at the resurgent run games, do Giants have secret sauce for containing Aaron Rodgers? — 1:11

• Dolphins at Steelers: Big Ben set up for big day, Antonio Brown and the trips, can Ajayi shoulder a big load, the question mark that is Matt Moore — 14:42

• Lions at Seahawks: Detroit’s big advantage: D-Line vs. Seattle’s O-line, why the Seahawks should tweak their D for this one, what does Matthew Stafford need to do? — 24:13

• Raiders at Texans: At this point, what in the world is Connor Cook? Can Oakland get a run game going this time around? What can Brock Osweiler do for the Texans? — 36:19

• The Mailbag: Who controls the roster for most teams (and how that question relates to the increasingly dysfunctional Bills)? Does Chip Kelly as Patriots offensive coordinator make sense? Could Sheldon Richardson land with the Falcons? Wasn’t that weird Aaron Rodgers unexpected snap on Sunday night a penalty? Should Jimmy Garoppolo be the Browns’ next quarterback? — 47:57