Eagles Center Jason Kelce Plays Saxophone With Philadelphia High School Band

Jason Kelce is a man of many talents. 
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If there’s anything that the Eagles’ post-Super Bowl moment in the spotlight has taught us it’s that Jason Kelce is an underrated character. He showed after the game that he can be thoughtful and reflective, and his speech at the parade in Philadelphia will go down as an all-time classic. But who would have guessed that he could play the saxophone?

The band from Kelce’s high school—Cleveland Heights High—visited Central High School in the Philadelphia suburb of Olney on Thursday and Kelce dropped by to reprise his role as baritone saxophonist. 

“He sounded pretty good,” Central sophomore Fiona Jacobs told CBS Philly. “He was jumping in and out of the pieces but they’re hard pieces. But he was good.”

Kelce deserves major props for still being able to play his high school instrument at age 30. I’m five years younger and it’d be a disaster if I tried to play the trumpet now. 

And Kelce isn’t done there. He’ll be marching in Sunday’s Mardi Gras parade with the Avalon String Band, according to Philly.com. That’s band whose crazy outfit Kelce wore to the Eagles parade. Yes, he’ll be wearing that again.