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So your favorite team didn’t make a trade at Tuesday’s trade deadline. Too bad. Time to write your owner an angry letter and demand he hire a cool, analytics-based general manager with an understanding of market inefficiencies. Also, a 30-year-old offensive guru, because that’s what the fun teams have these days.

This year especially, there seemed to be a lot of good deals left out there. Here’s a few we were surprised didn’t get off the ground:

Landon Collins: Apparently the asking price was too high. The Giants wanted a second-rounder, perhaps believing that if they don’t pay him, the eventual third-round compensatory selection will even things out down the line if they were getting low-balled anyway. It’s still difficult to imagine Dave Gettleman paying Collins enough money to reset the safety market this offseason given his previous forays into contract extensions for members of the defensive backfield.

Janoris Jenkins: While listening to Pat Shurmur break down the news of the day on Tuesday, it became pretty clear that his main goal is to show some semblance of progress before the end of the season. Having a cornerback (sometimes) capable of taking on a No. 1 receiver helps. Plus, they were not going to recoup the ideal value for a player of his age and potentially waning ability.

The Rest of the Oakland Raiders: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie found an interesting way to get out of Jon Gruden’s rebuild by simply retiring. However, there are several young stars who have to wonder if they’re part of the future, or if their time hasn’t come just yet. Or, whether the organization has agreed to try and stop the bleeding a bit. Either way, the scale of this tear-down likely means that whomever is left will have to wait a few years before playing on a successful team again. And how fun is that?

Le’Veon Bell: While a trade was never really off the ground, it’s surprising that a contender didn’t get aggressive enough to meet the Steelers’ demands. It’s also surprising that Pittsburgh didn’t lower them a bit, tossing some red meat to the locker room and proving that playing there demands accountability. One has to wonder if James Conner’s success has diminished the fairytale belief that only Bell could operate in that offense.

• Tyrod Taylor: The Browns are not going to willingly start Tyrod Taylor again. He served his initial purpose, which was to force Baker Mayfield into a summer competition and lift Cleveland off the ground until the inevitable QB transition took place. That happened. Now, a steady veteran presence with no starting ambition is infinitely more valuable to the Browns. Just like Taylor is infinitely more valuable to a team that has aspirations of contending in 2018.

• Nothing from the Cardinals: Nothing? Rebuild is an ugly word, for sure. But perhaps this is an indication that the team thinks Josh Rosen is closer than many of us.

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True story: When I first moved to New Jersey I was pulled over something like three times in six months for speeding, and then again for reckless driving after using the cab driver’s lane at Newark Penn Station to pick up a friend coming to visit. The Giants did not let me start at quarterback either, but things turned out OK. Now go attack this Wednesday with unfathomable vigor.

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