After a boozy re-watch of the Tom Cruise/Cuba Gooding, Jr./ Renée Zellweger classic Jerry Maguire, a Bad Football Movies staff remains gridlocked on a central plot point of the movie: Is Maguire really a changed man at the end of the film, or is this simply the latest chapter in his freewheeling emotional romp through life?

In what may be the biggest and most ambitious episode of Bad Football Movies to date, Conor Orr, Jonathan Jones, Jenny Vrentas and Gary Gramling tackle all the relevant questions from the 1996 epic, which focuses on love, life and the consciousness of an earthworm agent searching for a soul.

Could Maguire have made enough money off Rod Tidwell to take care of his new wife and stepson? How did no one in the NFL know about Tidwell in the first place after he racked up 1,500 yards the season before? Did it bother anyone else that the GM of the Cardinals was the late Glenn Frey of the Eagles?


Start your weekend with a cold six pack and join the crew for our latest episode of Bad Football Movies. We may live in a cynical world, but you can help us make it a little bit better.  (And if you’re interested in earlier episodes of this podcast, youcancheckthemallouthere.)

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