2020 NFL Schedule Release: Over/Under Totals for All 32 Teams

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With the release of the 2020 NFL schedule, football fans everywhere have been given the green light to project each team's win-loss record and predict the playoff field, months ahead of any games actually kicking off. Using win totals set by bookmaker William Hill, we can also turn an eye toward gambling by analyzing each team's over/under betting lines.

Using the win totals, William Hill gives the Atlanta Falcons the toughest schedule in the league. Atlanta's opponents are projected to combine for 138 wins, more than any other team. On the other side of the spectrum, the Indianapolis Colts have the league's easiest schedule, with their opponents projected to combine for 123 wins.

Check out key dates of the 2020 NFL season, as well as complete schedules for Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football.

Look below for over/under win totals for all 32 teams:


Arizona Cardinals

6.5 (Over -155/Under +135)

Atlanta Falcons

7.5 (Over -120/Under Even)

Baltimore Ravens

11.5 (Over +105/Under -125)

Buffalo Bills

9 (Over Even/Under -120)

Carolina Panthers

5.5 (Over -110/Under -110)

Chicago Bears

8.5 (Over +115/Under -135)

Cincinnati Bengals

5.5 (Over +110/Under -130)

Cleveland Browns

8.5 (Over -110/Under -110)

Dallas Cowboys

9.5 (Over -125/Under +105)

Denver Broncos

7.5 (Over -115/Under -105)

Detroit Lions

6.5 (Over -115/Under -105)

Green Bay Packers

9.5 (Over +120/Under -140)

Houston Texans

7.5 (Over -130/Under +110)

Indianapolis Colts

8.5 (Over -150/Under +130)

Jacksonville Jaguars

4.5 (Over -130/Under +110)

Kansas City Chiefs

11.5 (Over -140/Under +120)

Las Vegas Raiders

7.5 (Over -110/Under -110)

Los Angeles Chargers

8 (Over -110/Under -110)

Los Angeles Rams

8.5 (Over +120/Under -140)

Miami Dolphins

6 (Over -135/Under +115)

Minnesota Vikings

9 (Over -105/Under -115)

New England Patriots

9 (Over +105/Under -125)

New Orleans Saints

10.5 (Over -110/Under -110)

New York Giants

6.5 (Over -110/Under -110)

New York Jets

6.5 (Over -135/Under +110)

Philadelphia Eagles

9.5 (Over -105/Under -115)

Pittsburgh Steelers

9 (Over -125/Under +105)

San Francisco 49ers

10.5 (Over -120/Under Even)

Seattle Seahawks

9.5 ()ver +115/Under -135)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

9.5 (Over -130/Under +110)

Tennessee Titans

8.5 (Over -130/Under +110)


5.5 (Over -110/Under -110)