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49ers Upset Packers in 13-10 Win Behind Their Special Teams

49ers pull a massive upset over the Packers thanks to their defense and special teams.

What a battle.

It was one to push you to the edge of your seat.

In the end, it was the 49ers who emerged the victor to advance to the NFC Championship game.

The 49ers upset the Packers in 13-10 to win behind their special teams.

The opening series of the game looked like a tone setter. Green Bay drove the ball down the field with relative ease. Davante Adams looked like he was going to explode for double digit catches and over 100 receiving yards. Even their running game looked solid.

However, that is the most success the Packers would have offensively all game. There was zero panic or care out of the 49ers. DeMeco Ryans would adjust and completely stonewall Aaron Rodgers. There was little movement from the Packers offensively all game. Ryans and his defense put on an incredible performance. He is more than deserving of any head coaching opportunity offered when it's all said and done.

The defense was doing their part all game by being the anchor. Basically, what they have done all season long. You couldn't say the same for the offense of the 49ers. They struggled for the majority of the game. Early on, you could tell the cold was impacting them. It was to be expected. West coast teams typically do not show up well in the cold, but it wasn't too much of a factor. 

Green Bay's defensive front gave the 49ers' offensive line fits all game long. No offensive lineman got worked more than Tom Compton. I am sure he is going to have nightmares of Rashan Gary. Laken Tomlinson wasn't too clean either. He was driven back plenty of times. It was why the running game wasn't that effective. 

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And surprisingly, Jimmy Garoppolo wasn't too shabby in this game. I expected him to be much worse as I predicted the game would fairly heavily on his shoulders as it did. Drops from George Kittle, Jauan Jennings, and Deebo Samuel (pass thrown behind) didn't help Garoppolo out.

But neither did his red-zone interception that removed three points for the 49ers. It could have easily been six points had Jimmie Ward not blocked the Packers' field goal attempt. A block that he made up for by allowing the Packers to get to that point in the first place. Luckily, the 49ers got the ball to open the second half. They drove the field and took up half of the third quarter to score a field goal.

The game would play out exactly how the first half did. The 49ers and Packers with only a bit a movement offensively, while both defenses, especially the 49ers, played strong. The only way this game would spike in momentum for either side is with some sort of turnover. Some sort of big play to turn the tide, which felt like it would be the defense given how dominant they were. 

Well, a surprising side of the 49ers emerged.

A punt block from the 49ers converted into a touchdown thanks to the scoop and score from Talanoa Hufanga. That scoop and score cannot be overstated on it's toughness. Picking up the ball off of a fumble is generally tough, but in the freezing cold? A different beast for sure. Hufanga picked it up like nothing and gave the 49ers a lifeline.

Green Bay would come out offensively again and completely get suffocated again. The ensuing drive would be the last chance for the 49ers to pull the upset or settle for overtime. And through the resiliency this team has shown all season long, they muster the energy to drive into field goal range for Robbie Gould. 

And just like a layup in basketball, Gould sends the 49ers to the next round. The 49ers used a weakness of theirs as their greatest strength in this game. Amazing work from this team to grit it out. A superb job from the 49ers' defense and special teams to lead the way for them.

And because of it, they return to the NFC Championship game two years later.