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Why Deebo Samuel Hasn't Rescinded his Trade Request From the 49ers

Deebo Samuel still has his trade request from the 49ers on the table and for good reason.

The trade request that Deebo Samuel made in March is still on the table.

Reporting to mandatory minicamp may have given the impression that he is still fully committed to the 49ers, but he had to show up to avoid being fined. It was a no-brainer decision for him to attend.

Samuel still has not officially rescinded his trade request, per Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. So what gives? Why has Samuel not rescinded it despite showing up and being involved with the team? 

Simple. He still hasn't been extended yet. It makes no sense for Samuel to take away his trade request until he officially signs his contract. Until then, Samuel is going to continue to take his stance for his desire of what he should be paid along with his conditions for how he is utilized in the offense. 

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Now, the 49ers are not going to trade Samuel. You can bet your bottom dollar on that. If the 49ers were to trade Samuel, then they would've and should've done it no later than the first round of the draft. That way at least they could've reeled in players who can help them in 2022 -- not 2023 and beyond. So if Samuel is actually still serious about a trade, he is delusional.

With that said, he still needs to keep it out there to continue to show the 49ers the seriousness of his conditions and demands. Sometimes in order to get the message across, drastic actions must be taken. In this case, it is requesting a trade from the team, which is why I believe that Samuel really doesn't want to be utilized as a running back ever again. It could be that along with the 49ers floating out early numbers for a contract that he didn't take too kindly to.

Either way, Samuel has to maintain his stance. It is on the 49ers now to get it done. They have been able to lock in their star players (George Kittle, Fred Warner) on the final year of their deals in July or August, so right around training camp. Traction and finalization needs to be occurring within a month's time as the 49ers report to training camp on July 26.

Expect clarity on a deal as that date draws near.