By Chris Burke
December 01, 2013

An incident in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot left one man dead. An incident in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot left one man dead. (Tim Umphrey/Getty Images)

One man was killed and three people are in custody following an incident in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot during Sunday's Broncos-Chiefs game.

The MMQB's Robert Klemko reported that a white male in his mid-20s died just after 5 p.m. CT -- approximately 90 minutes after kickoff. The unidentified man was inside a car when its owner arrived, and "a struggle ensued." According to Klemko, the man to whom the car did not belong was taken to the hospital and later died. He had not been shot or stabbed.

"We don't know if the person had a health condition, had a heart attack. We don't know," Kansas City police spokesman Darin Snapp told the Associated Press. "We're going to investigate this as a homicide until we hear differently. Right now it's a suspicious death but we are going to investigate it as a homicide."

KCTV5 reported that it was a father and son who left the stadium and headed to their car at some point during the game. When they arrived there, they found another man "rifling through the vehicle."

Eric Burke of FOX 4 confirmed via Twitter that the situation was not a "fan fight," quashing any speculation that Broncos and Chiefs fans had engaged in some sort of scuffle during or after the game.

Chiefs spokesman Ted Crews told the AP that the team is aware of the incident but cannot comment further because of the police investigation.

The incident occurred exactly one year to the day after late Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher took his own life in the parking lot of the team's practice facility, after murdering his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins.

Three people were taken into custody by the Kansas City police for questioning Sunday night, but Snapp said they are not currently considered suspects in the death.

 Snapp told reporters.

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