By Bryan Rose
May 07, 2014

2014 NFL draft rumors: Kony Ealy draws critical reviews, labeled a 'con man' Missouri end Kony Ealy is the latest victim of the extended analysis period during this year's pre-draft run-up. (Jimmy Simmons/Icon SMI)

Jadeveon Clowney and Stephon Tuitt have had the spotlight on them for most of the run-up to the 2014 NFL draft, but another defensive lineman who has generated plenty of positive buzz is Missouri defensive end Kony Ealy. In this year's draft, however, it appears no high expectations go unqualified.

Ealy is thought to be one of the better defensive ends available in the draft, but in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story ranking the best available pass-rushers, multiple NFL scouts expressed concern in regards to Ealy's attitude.

One scout even went so far as to suggest that Ealy is nothing more than a 'con man'.

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"He thinks he's already an Aldon Smith-type player," a third scout said. "Classic con man. I don't trust this kid. He will be just a big pain in the (expletive). He's one of those 'let somebody else draft him' guys" … Added a fourth scout: "There's no outstanding traits about him other than he gives you some versatility in a bad (defensive-line) draft. He's a mess. Somebody's going to draft him because they need a defensive end and overdraft him."

In fairness, Ealy is far from alone as a target for criticism. Clowney and Tuitt have both had their on-field desire questioned by anonymous scouts, an oddity considering the popularity of all three players. In fact, nearly every player even approaching a first-round grade in this year's draft appears to have seen his reputation come under fire, possibly due in part to the added time teams have had to second-guess their initial evaluations.

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