NFL Writer questions if Von Miller remains on Bills' roster for entire season

According to recent Sports Illustrated analysis, defensive end Von Miller is at the center of the Buffalo Bills' 'biggest roster decision' moving forward.
Buffalo Bills linebacker Von Miller (40) gets off the line against the Giants.
Buffalo Bills linebacker Von Miller (40) gets off the line against the Giants. / Jamie Germano/Rochester Democrat and

It's presented as a looming decision, but a closer look suggests it's mostly a non-issue for the Buffalo Bills.

Sports Illustrated's Gilberto Manzano identified the "the biggest roster decision" awaiting each of the AFC's 16 teams, and posed a question about 35-year-old edge rusher Von Miller.

From SI's AFC Teams’ Biggest Roster Decisions:

Biggest decision: What will they do with Von Miller?

"Miller likely guaranteed a roster spot for himself with the Bills after agreeing to a pay cut two months ago. But will that stop the team from trading him at the Nov. 5 deadline? Another looming question will be whether the team still views the 35-year-old Miller as a starter after back-to-back injury riddled seasons. He might get an opportunity to earn snaps and compete with A.J. Epenesa, who has struggled to find consistency."

Manzano accurately notes that Miller's contract restructure, which resulted in a pay cut this past March, likely secured his 2024 roster spot. Bills' general manager Brandon Beane publicly applauded Miller for his willingness to renegotiate.

"I thought Von did something I don't know that many people would have done because he took less than what he was guaranteed. Say what you want, whether you thought he's performed to the level or not, he definitely did prior to the injury," said Beane back in March at the league meetings. "I do think Von will look more like the Von we know coming into this year. He put the team first. He wants to win. He said that since the day he got here.”

As for trading Miller by the deadline, don't expect a deal to ever materialize. Should Miller return to his pre-injury performance, the Bills would most definitely want him on the roster for the stretch run. If Miller continues to struggle, his trade value will be nonexistent.

As it stands at this point in voluntary OTAs, the Bills' head coach Sean McDermott mentioned the benefits of Miller's participation.

“Von spent some time away and he came back this weekend, and so yesterday I got a chance to see him out there, which was good to see, working with his teammates, and Von's attitude is always a good one, so it's good to have him around," said McDermott.

Whether it's his Buffalo swan song remains to be seen, but all signs point toward Miller remaining with the Bills throughout the 2024 campaign.

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