Browns’ Rashard Higgins: ‘If We’re Not Going To The Super Bowl, We Should Not Be Talking’

Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver Rashard Higgins further proved the point that the expectations are high in Cleveland with his comments Tuesday afternoon.
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Cleveland Browns wide receiver Rashard Higgins met with the media prior to practice on Tuesday and gave a good interview. Higgins always comes off as a happy, polite person for media members to ask questions to. Today was no different on that front.

Higgins further proved the point that the Browns are expected to be for real. The wide receiver shared from a players point of view where things should be heading.

“If we’re not going to the Super Bowl, we should not be talking... that’s the goal, the expectation,” Higgins said.

Higgins stepped up last year when Odell Beckham Jr. went down, a time Cleveland really needed another wide receiver to step up. When Higgins and his quarterback Baker Mayfield have been on the field together they have always had a sense of connection and good chemistry.

“You gotta ask god, bro… it’s just smooth, Baker is my guy,” Higgins said when a reporter asked him about the connection with Mayfield.

Last season the loss to the Kansas City Chiefs was heartbreaking to not only fans, but players. After such a good season the Browns just came up short. Higgins had a pivotal fumble in that game on a questionable call. When Higgins was asked if he looked forward to playing the Chiefs he said, “hell yeah”.

Another day, another playing being asked about what they think of running back Nick Chubb being extended. Chubb is well-liked amongst his teammates and everyone loves him in the locker room. He’s quiet, works and is always happy for his teammates - no matter if she shows it or not. Interviews prove the point.

"That fires me up, bro. Me and Nick, I asked him, Hey, bro, how does it feel? What's the first thing you're going to do with your money? I'm like, You need to get your credit score up.”

It’s safe to say that with the cash that Chubb is going to have here soon, that credit score may not mean a whole lot. Higgins is the definition of what it means to be a team player. He cares about his teammates, has high expectations for everyone and has fun in between.