Florida State EDGE Janarius Robinson Is Worth a Day 3 Flier for the Chiefs

After an under-the-radar career at Florida State, Janarius Robinson has a chance to become a solid NFL player. Should the Kansas City Chiefs invest in him?

Janarius Robinson - EDGE, Florida State

By the numbers:

6'5", 266 pounds. 35-3/4" arms per Senior Bowl measurements.

2020: 26 tackles (7.0 for loss), five pressures, three sacks and two passes broken up in nine games played.


Janarius Robinson's size is the most noticeable thing about him, and for good reason. He has an NFL build with good height and weight, as well as great length. His 87" wingspan is matched by very few players in this year's draft and comes in handy on the edge. Robinson holds his own and can close quickly, along with disrupting run plays in the backfield with his immense reach.

Putting forth effort is never a problem with Robinson. He works hard throughout his reps and doesn't seem to have an "off" switch. He combines this with a violent punch at the point of attack and the foundation for good play strength. His heavy hands and long arms allow him to gain momentum against the pass and disengage on run plays as needed.


Overall, Robinson has just modest athleticism. He lacks elite burst at the line of scrimmage and his speed is nothing to write home about. He isn't a very flexible player and doesn't bend around the edge with fluidity. Robinson can translate speed to power with solid efficiency, although there isn't presently a ton of either to work with.

Robinson's pass-rush mix needs to be diversified, as he relies on his bull-rush too much. The bull-rush is effective against weaker linemen, but it won't work nearly as often in the NFL. Robinson has yet to display a deep toolbox of moves and if he combines that one-dimensional style with an inconsistent pad level, he may always be nothing more than a rotational pass-rusher. 

How Robinson fits with the Chiefs:

EDGE is a legitimate position of need for the Chiefs, especially considering they will likely lose multiple pass-rushers to free agency. Robinson projects as a 4-3 base defensive end and also has ideal size for a Steve Spagnuolo EDGE, so the fit is good. He's nothing more than a developmental piece at this point but if the Chiefs are looking for late-round talent, they'd be hard-pressed to do better than him. 

Final Thoughts:

Robinson has the foundation to be a successful NFL player. His size, hands and potential playing strength are all exciting to think about. He has measurables that simply can't be taught, although his potential is limited due to being merely an average athlete. His first team will need to be patient as he matures. With that said, he's more than worthy of a Day 3 selection and grades out as a fifth-round pick capable of fitting in just about any system at the next level. 

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March 29 update: After watching Robinson have a great performance at Florida State's pro day, it appears that my initial evaluation of his athleticism was selling him short. He now receives an adjusted fourth-round grade.