Wyatt Davis Would Help the Chiefs Fix Their Run Blocking Problem

Ohio State's Wyatt Davis is one of the best guard prospects in this year's class. Could he be a trade-back candidate for the Kansas City Chiefs?
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Wyatt Davis - OG, Ohio State

By the numbers:

6'4", 315 pounds

2020: Unanimous All-American.


Ohio State's Wyatt Davis is one of the better run-blocking guards in this year's class. He has experience in a zone scheme and moves very well in space, so much so that he occasionally outruns the play that develops behind him. He's comfortable when in motion and constantly seeks out additional work at the second level. Davis consistently paves the way for his running back.

Davis has good size for an NFL guard. He isn't quite a mauler but is certainly big enough and has a respectable arm length that won't make him a liability against lanky pass-rushers. His aggressive nature contributes to solid functional strength at the point of attack and a ton of energy on run plays down the field. This gives him at least an average floor at the next level.


There are times when Davis' aggressiveness comes back to bite him. He gets too far ahead of himself on some run plays and can be seen trying to do too much. He sometimes has an off-balance approach in pass blocking where he plays ahead of his feet. That will be taken advantage of in the pros. Davis needs to dial back in his decision-making and recenter himself at the line of scrimmage in order to reach his ceiling. 

Davis also lacks an elite fundamental trait. His footwork is passable — playing wider would make a huge difference moving forward. His initial punch packs some power but isn't anything out of the ordinary. Adding a few more pounds of muscle without sacrificing any athleticism may be the best course of action for Davis. That, combined with getting back to the basics, will make him reliable in pass protection.

How Davis fits with the Chiefs:

Guard is a legitimate need for the Chiefs this offseason. Relying on the return of Laurent Duvernay-Tardif to solve their problems is risky, and both Stefen Wisniewski and Kelechi Osemele are free agents. Davis fits well in a zone-blocking scheme similar to that of the Chiefs and run blocking was a major sore spot for the team last season. Adding a proven commodity there would be a smart decision. 

Final Thoughts:

Davis is a prospect with plus run-blocking chops and is a good overall athlete. There are reasons to be a bit concerned about his ability to remain clean against pass-rushers, and it will take significant changes to alleviate those worries. Most mock drafts and analysts have him slated as a late first-round pick, but he grades out here as a second-round prospect. He almost surely won't be available when the Chiefs pick at 63, so he makes good sense as a trade-back candidate from pick No. 31. 

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